Hey, thanks for stopping by my site. I’m Stacey Lynn Payne, I’m a photographer, illustrator, image inspector at Shutterstock, mom, wife, casual student of Ayurvedic and American herbalism and essential oil therapies, and red-blooded American… a representative republic-type who believes in exceptionalism, meritocracy, rugged individualism, and the good life.

I’m married to Mark Payne, who is also a photographer and illustrator, that’s how I met him, and also a kick-ass poker player, poker dealer, champion chess player, dad, husband, Navy veteran, visionary, my best friend, absolutely.  We met when we both were putting our photographs up on the Swedish site MostPhotos, when they opened their live chat to Americans and we started praising each others’ works. He was living in Washington, me in Florida with my two beautiful daughters… guess what, we moved to Washington. 🙂  We are going on 8 years married.

I have a traditional photography and illustration education and don’t much take to the social media trend, as popular as it is. You’ll find that I don’t much take to “popular” either.  I believe in working hard to make an image, in using years of experience and emotion, technical skill and style, in putting my heart and soul into each expression. As a reviewer I see a lot of “buttons” — little icons that are meant to sell lots, sell often, be image commodities, get ’em while they’re fresh and hot, tomorrow they’re putrefaction.  Personally I’d rather make work that lasts, that never putrefies.

I’m extremely outspoken at home regarding what is happening to our dear homeland, the United States of America. I pray I can keep a lid on my angst, anxiety and anger about it when I comment my images and write my little encapsulated thoughts. Feel free to comment, agree, disagree, but please, keep it civil because I really have no tolerance for poor etiquette, nastiness, shaming, victimology, etc., don’t bring it here. If you’re big enough to conduct a civil discourse, have at it, I will receive you well if you have no malice or agenda.

Thanks for reading!


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