Drive-By Shooting

We bought a motorhome because the blessed appropriations organ of our federal government demands that I spend my money in a way that they deem appropriate, so we are writing off our trips to get photographs and ideas for illustrations (and of course to do awesome things like attend Mark’s successful poker tournaments and scope out great campgrounds).

Our new motorhome.

Mark likes to drive fast, I like to shoot, so this creates the perfect environment for Drive-By Shooting. Some of these were actually shot out of the window of a moving vehicle, others were hand-held-jump-out-of-the-running rig-and-catch-the-shot type images.

I actually went to photo school and art school and this Instagram culture kinda rubs me the wrong way… we were taught to use the tools available to us, including cameras, paintbrushes, our eyes, and our brains. Developing a style was emphasized, learning how to hone our aesthetic senses and use those tools to express ourselves. It’s still about expressing yourself, but today maybe the aesthetics don’t matter so much.

So… to find a happy medium… it takes so much time to research your shot, drive to it at the proper time of day (on the right type of weather day of course, which is unpredictable at best in the Pacific Northwest), set up the tripod and remote control, adjust aperture and shutter speed … and right now, with our present situation, I’m not willing to spend that time *yet*. I will, soon, when I am able to secure a new camera, this Canon T4i isn’t so great… great family cam, or snapshot camera, but its not for professional work.

More images and stories to come, I’m working today…

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