Lake Cushman

We bought a motorhome and of course couldn’t WAIT to get it out on the road. No planning, let’s just hit the road. Living in the Puget Sound, there is always something to see.

We had been out to the Olympic Peninsula several times in the last seven years that I have lived in Washington. We’d seen Port Angeles, Sequim (pronounced “Squim,” you know), Elhwa River, Lake Mills, and its old now-dismantled dam, and even drove out to Crescent Lake and Forks. So we decided to go out that way, for our maiden voyage of our new-old rig.

Cushman Dam
Cushman Dam Sign

We settled on Lake Cushman, a best-kept-secret type place, situated on the southern edge of the Olympic National Forest, a few miles north of Hoodsport on the 101 (north of Olympia on the west side of the Puget Sound and Hood Canal). It was late when we got up there, we set up camping and crashed after the long day. The next day it was still foggy and cool, not set up too well for photographs, but I got a few anyway.

We drove up the dirt forest road to the Staircase area, but since we didn’t know the road, and had a motorhome, we thought we better not go all the way up there. The Staircase is a waterfall with hiking trails around it, I can’t wait to get up there and hike it. I have a herniated disk in my back which is excruciating and basically inoperable (doctor said probably 20% chance of any relief, so no way), so I don’t do a LOT of hiking, but when I do, I try to get some great shots.

There was a cool waterfall with bridges across the branches of it, pretty cool!

Cushman Waterfall
Waterfall on Cushman Lake creek

We were able to get back up there recently and get a few more shots… Mark’s son Robby (almost 10) came to see us and we went to Lake Cushman to swim and have fun. Our daughter Dakota came too, everyone got some sun which is a bit of a rarity up here in the Pacific Northwest.

Stacey at Lake Cushman
Lake Cushman
The quiet summer beach on Lake Cushman, Olympic National Forest, western Washington, USA.
Lake Cushman & Mount Elinor
Lake Cushman & Mount Elinor
Hood Canal Sign
Hood Canal Sign

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