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Shutterstock Dominates! I Heart Stock Art!

Business Insider writes about how Shutterstock Images has struck a deal with Penske Media Corporation (PMC) to market Variety Magazine’s photographers’ images to Shutterstock’s library. How cool is THAT!  We work hard and have a great work ethic, and I sincerely believe the company is run well and deserves the high praise.

I live and breathe stock art! The proliferation of information and equipment to receive said information has blown this little hobby of mine up into a real force in the world… visuals make more of an impact than the written word in many cases, especially when dealing with masses, less “informed” masses that respond to pictures before they read a headline or article. There is power in images.  You can say a lot in images, messages that evoke a visceral response, an instinctual reaction. This can and is used for good, and for malevolent purposes.  We see all types of artwork, more than you can imagine (I know that because every day something comes in that really pushes the envelope, and I’ve been at this a long time… amazing how creative and resourceful people can be, to dance around laws, rules and guidelines, to try to submit fringe, malevolent or downright malicious imagery).

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What’s the Point?

The point is, to show you from whence I come. I have an opinion and in my short natural life I have found that my opinions, just like yours, are interesting, so why not share them?  However most of my expression is visual… so I’ll share my pictures and drawings as well as my commentary on them, and on life.

I’ve had various websites and social media outlets over the years with a permeating sense of boredom, invasiveness, pointlessness, and of course exposure, so I have invariably given them up. You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure. I’m about truth, watch out, I’ll tell it like it is. Social media sucks, there, I said it! (h/t Mark Levin)

However I do have a domain and something to say, so why not say it here?

I would love it if you can comment and share your opinions on my words and my images.