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Summer is Amazing

Cameras at Lake Cushman
My cameras set up shooting time-lapse video at Lake Cushman, Olympic National Park, Washington State, USA

… in Washington. I have a back injury and a full-time job, so it’s really hard for me to get out, but I cannot live with that so I try to get out anyway. Luckily we live near the coolest place in the whole entire world, the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. Lake Cushman is the closest entry to the Olympic National Park to where we live, so it’s a great way to get epic shots without having to bring the camper or take time off work. Summer is slow at work, so I can get out and make art!

I’m doing some time-lapse video now, fascinating how you can fold time with pixels. I love to watch the reality TV shows on Discovery, National Geographic and Animal Planet about Alaska, those shows use a LOT of time-lapse video as filler between “people” shots. Actually now there are a couple of reality shows on Discovery and NatGeo that are filmed right here in the Olympic Peninsula, one of them right here in my town… so I want to supply great b-roll to use for that 🙂

Of course in my spare time I’m also drawing and have been doing that instead of updating my blog, oops. Drawing is great to occupy my time when I can’t get outside. I’d rather be outside. But I love drawing. And making socks. But I digress. I’m going to try to catch up a bit with a few images that are new to my collection, and a bit about each.

Olympic National Park Sign
The Olympic National Park sign, near Lake Cushman, Hoodsport, Washington, USA.

I shot some time lapse with my GoPro and a couple clips with my Canon DSLR, each camera’s clips have their own personality. The GoPro has a wide lens and requires a fix in the video editor to get it straight, but it’s a great little kick-ass camera that’s tough enough to go anywhere.

Underwater in the Skokomish River

Time Lapse of Lake Cushman looking south from near the entrance to the Park

Storm Brewing near the Lake

Even my cellphone got a great shot! The sun was amazing that day.

Jumping Rock at Lake Cushman
The jumping rock at Lake Cushman, Olympic National Park, Washington State, USA

These clips are available for commercial licensing in my portfolios on Pond5, Shutterstock, Fotolia/Adobe Stock, DepositPhotos and 123RF. I’ll link them soon, I wanted to get this up now though 😉

Take care and Godspeed.



Drive-By Shooting

We bought a motorhome because the blessed appropriations organ of our federal government demands that I spend my money in a way that they deem appropriate, so we are writing off our trips to get photographs and ideas for illustrations (and to attend Mark’s highly successful poker tournaments).

Our new motorhome.

Mark likes to drive fast, I like to shoot, so this creates the perfect environment for Drive-By Shooting. Some of these were actually shot out of the window of a moving vehicle, others were hand-held-jump-out-of-the-running rig-and-catch-the-shot type images. Read More ->